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Baggy Mountain Bike Clothing, What to wear mountain biking

Baggy Mountain Bike Clothing, What to wear mountain biking

Baggy Mountain Bike Clothing, What to wear mountain biking

Baggy Mountain Bike Clothing, What to wear mountain biking The correct mountain bike clothing can make your ride considerably much more enjoyable. If you have ever wonder…
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Endura Singletrack Mountain Biking Shorts reviewed for www.MountainBikingResources.com – see the web site for the full post.

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  1. Being a black guy. I don’t wear biker shorts because it is too revealing.
    It is too tight on the buttocks, my male genitalia and my testicles. I
    rather wear T-shirt/or tank top and loose fit shorts with supportive shorts
    to keep everything in place if not I will suffer a groin injury in case of
    accident. To beat the sweat I will use talcum powder for my body and apply
    degree (solid deodorant), carry small hand towel with a bottle of water or
    canister to refill it every hour or more.

  2. A lot of brands make baggy clothing. My favorites are Louis Garneau and
    Fox. But you can find other brands like Troy Lee Designs, Hincapie,
    Descente and many many more. My suggestion, click the link in the
    description to go back to our website. Then look on the right hand side for
    an amazon button. Once at Amazon, search “mountain bike shorts” and you’ll
    see a ton of them. Plus, if you purchase anything it will send a very small
    4% of the sale back to our site.

  3. Which brands sell these kinds of clothes?

  4. LOL! Glad I could give you that mental image. ha ha.

  5. Good question David. My first suggestion is to buy from a local shop if you
    can, it ends up paying for itself, I swear it. Second, go to the our TXMTB
    website and click the amazon button on the sidebar. They often have good
    prices on some good name brand shorts. There are a bunch of online stores
    that do some serious discounts. Check out the following and you may be able
    to find a serious steal. Department of Goods Pro Bike Kit Chain Reaction
    Cycles Jenson USA Competitive Cyclist Wiggle

  6. I will never look at a mountain biker again without wondering whether he’s
    wearing underwear or not now :/ good video though!

  7. Is there a good place to buy shorts like yours on the cheap? I’m new to
    biking and I’m thinking about riding more but I don’t have a lot on cash to
    shell out thanks

  8. Texas Mountain Bike Trails

    Baggy Mountain Bike Clothing, What to wear mountain biking – YouTube

  9. Since you already wear cargo pants it wouldn’t be a hue difference. The
    biggest thing that I think may bug you is the chamois pad in the MTB pants.
    That will definitely feel a bit different.

  10. nice video, maybe you can answer a question that i have, is it true that is
    a good idea to wear jeans while riding mountain bike on the trail to
    prevent ticks from biting you. please advice what can i do to prevent that.

  11. Are you sure that shirt didn’t come from Target?

  12. Thanks for this info, been looking to get back into cycling after a 10 year
    gap, this is just what I needed to know. Great vid!!!

  13. Thanks man, I appreciate the compliments. The Cadence guys are good, good

  14. Ha ha, yeah… I unfortunately learned that from experience as well. Nobody
    ever told me that when I started riding. 🙂

  15. My fiance does a lot of road cycling and is not comfortable wearing the
    tight shorts…are the baggy shorts a good option for him even thought he
    isn’t exactly a mountain biker?

  16. They chafe your legs… and your willy. 🙁

  17. Thanks Christopher, glad you enjoyed it!

  18. Hey there 🙂 thanks for a great informative educational video 🙂 Now I’m
    really enthusiastic and would like to just jumb in and ride, I believe that
    I will never reach an end if I kept reading all info available out there
    about apparel and accessories.. SO.. a friend gave me unwanted tight bibs,
    and it was my size, I know i will definitely appreciate the chamois padding
    inside, but what if I want to look more casual? Can I wear something ABOVE
    the cycling tight padded shorts? Thanks 🙂

  19. They typically shouldn’t. Most of the material that mountain bike clothing
    is made out of is pretty good about staying the same size. However, I can’t
    make any promises. Buying clothing from a reputable brand is the best way
    to make sure that doesn’t happen. Some of my favorite brands are Hincapie,
    Louis Garneau, Pearl Izumi, Capo, Castelli, ATAC and a few others.

  20. ha ha yeah, I made that mistake when I started road biking… not very
    pleasant after about a week… if you get my drift. 🙂

  21. I’ve learned my lesson. Never wear boxers. Thanks for the awesome video.

  22. dubstepandbassbeats

    you should make this public then you can get more views.

  23. Your right. My wife actually watched the video and pointed that out too…

  24. What was the brand of shorts you showed on your video

  25. You bet! It may make it a bit warmer than if you didn’t have them on, but
    you can absolutely wear a pair of shorts over your tight shorts. Get out
    there and ride! What you wear doesn’t matter near as much as how much you

  26. Yes guys. Doing it on the outside of my shorts. It’s a special skill.

  27. WTF shit or blood?

  28. Damn I would of never made a video like that like you did at the end an
    “accident?” Uhmm let me guess lol

  29. did you have a shit in your shorts

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