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Getting off the Beaten Track Couldnt be Easier than in Jersey

Exploring this tiny island’s lush valleys, well-kept fields and unspoilt coastline couldn’t be easier. 450 miles of fast roads and small country lanes create endless opportunities to explore and discover Jersey’s beaches, parishes and tourist attractions. Jersey also has a network of tree-lined Green Lanes in all but three of its twelve parishes. These roads are ideal for walking, cycling and horse riding.

Jersey is a top destination for many UK tourists. The island is usually the hottest place in the British Isles during the summer months and averages the most sunshine per year. Just nine miles by five miles, the beach is never far away. Clear water and beaches surround some 45 miles of coastline with views of the Atlantic Ocean accessible from virtually every point on the island. Sandy beaches and rocky coves are all immediately accessible by road or on foot and just a few minutes drive from any community.

The Island consists largely of open fields, woodland, cliffs and headland, small country lanes, trees and hedgerows. Much of which remain unchanged because of the Island’s planning laws.

Full-day coach tours give an opportunity to get a real feel for the Island. Alternatively you can bring your own car on one of the ferries or rent your own transport. Car hire in Jersey is easily arranged and very good value. But remember, in Jersey you drive on the left hand side.

Driving in Jersey is not an experience to rush as you negotiate its winding lanes between fields and farms. With so much to see and do around the island, keeping to the speed limit – a max of 40mph throughout the entire Island – is no hardship. Priority is given to walkers, cyclists and horse riders on Jersey’s Green Lanes where there is a speed limit of 15 mph.

Jersey lies in the Bay of Mont St Michel. Just fourteen miles from France, it is the most southerly of the British Isles. The island’s history is reflected in the French road names and typical Jersey surnames. Each of its twelve parishes have access to the sea and are named after the dedications of their ancient parish churches. It has a remarkable history and heritage all of which can easily be experienced and explored by the independent traveller.

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