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How to Buy Cyclist Clothing : How to Buy Bike Shorts

How to Buy Cyclist Clothing : How to Buy Bike Shorts

Understand what to appear for when deciding on bike shorts in this free video series about biking and biking enthusiasts. Professional: Mickey Denoncourt Speak to: www.spook…
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  1. I wear mine while playing Playstation 3, so I can react quicker and shed
    the sweat

  2. the shammy looks like a tampon

  3. Don McCollough

    @DrGoatsie aero not arrow.

  4. MoreWays Media

    Nub -.- R u Gay ? ore was this a real question :$ šŸ˜›

  5. bib shorts won’t offer your back any support. bib shorts are good at
    holding your shorts up. if you want back support, target your core with
    crunches etc. or ride more. once you ride more, your back hurts less and
    less because you’ve made your core stronger and stronger. best to
    supplement your riding with a little core exercising imho.

  6. What do you wear under those?

  7. DestroyTheseWalls

    @fillopygeesi hell no your back gets sore from your position….best to
    raise ur handlebars so ur not so slouched over… however its less aero or
    you can suck it up and get used to it you’ll get over it after some time

  8. This may be a dumb question but Im just getting into cycling more and more
    the more I ride. Does the bib shorts by chance help you back not to be so
    sore? I guess what Im asking is do they offer some type of back support?

  9. Great information. I use the bid and this is the way too go !

  10. Nothing

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