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How To Select a Cycling Jersey

How To Select a Cycling Jersey

How To Select a Cycling Jersey

Learn the advantages of using a cycling particular jersey and how to select the right one for you. Art’s Cyclery has a big choice of jackets readily available below: ht …
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  1. Every jersey I have tried has been too loose and too long (even xs)´╗┐

  2. cool cut bro

  3. HitchHikersBlues

    Hi all, I bought a race cut jersey, and it’s lovely looking. But i notice
    they are very tight and come up quite short. Now, I’m 5’10 and nearly 14
    stone, so would that have something to do with it ?

  4. HitchHikersBlues

    I see what you mean, I heard the same from someone else too. I just bought
    a fairly cheap pair of bike shorts…but i think i’ll invest in a decent
    pair of Bibs. What do you think about bibs, I notice a lot of the pro
    riders wear them now ?

  5. Bibs are the way to go. Far more comfortable, especially when you are in
    the drops. No waistband to cut in on your stomach.

  6. HitchHikersBlues

    Thanks for the advice on the jersey fitting ­čÖé When i bought it first, i
    thought there was something wrong with it ? But that’s the way they are
    mean to be worn, apparently. I’m just a bit too bulky up around the torso
    area…got to put in some miles too lose some pounds ! If the bloody
    weather ever gives me a break ­čÖü

  7. Race cut jerseys are designed to fit very tight and usually run short to be
    more aerodynamic when you’re tucked in the drops so fabric doesn’t bunch up
    around your waist. One tip for trying on jerseys: make sure it’s
    comfortable when you’re in the cycling position. It shouldn’t fit right
    when you’re standing straight up. The most important factor is that it fits
    while you’re riding.

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