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Inbike Breathable Bike Underwear for Beginner

Inbike Breathable Bike Underwear for Beginner

What shall we consider when select an appropriate cycling underwear? 1.Shock resistant performance 2.Anti-sweat performance 3. A fit size. Shock proof performance should be put on the FIRST PLACE when comes to buy a cycling bottoms. The thickness of a cushion can be moderate. Either over-thick or over-thin will influence the comfort. Material is one of the elements. Pure foam pad is better than gel pad in heat releasing, while gel does better in anti-shock. We offer both cushions to you, you could pick according to your perference. Both cushions are perforating processed, which helps heat releasing. Most of cycling underwears on Amazon are made by polyester, so ours are. As a common sport wear fabric it features fast drying, durable and good elasticity.Which could satistied most customers¡¯ demands. The fabric is a very thin mesh structure. Holes of the fabric add to the vent ability greatly and accelerate sweat releasing. We refered to reviews from other competitors, found that the sizes offered by some sellers are smaller. Don¡¯t worry about this issue if you buy from us. We offer right US size. You could return them for free if the size have problem. Read More »

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