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Giordana Silverline Women’s Knickers Black With Black Leg Band, S

Giordana Silverline Women’s Knickers Black With Black Leg Band, S

Giordana overhauled its popular Silverline Women's Knickers in order to create a versatile piece for women to wear in a variety of cool weather riding conditions. Additionally, Giordana knows that not everyone prefers to wear bib straps, which is why it released the Silverline Knickers as a blend between its bibs and traditional knickers. Giordana accomplished this with its redesigned waist panel that now wraps the waist more comfortably and securely than before. The Silverline Knickers were constructed from Giordana's Nair fabric. This lightweight material was chosen as the primary fabric for the knickers due to its smooth feel and texture. In fact, Nair is one of Giordana's softest fabrics, used for several next-to-skin pieces because of its super silky hand. It's composed of a 200g nylon/spandex blend, which means that its stretchable characteristics work to both support your muscles and to move with your body as you ride. Additionally, the fabric was also chosen for its ability to both breathe and to wick moisture away from your skin, which, in turn, helps you stay dry and comfortable. For the fit of the knickers, Giordana developed a tall overlapping waist panel that tapers down slightly in the front. This soft roll top design allows you to adjust the height of the panel, creating a fully customizable wrap around your waist. Simply fold the band down on the hips for a low-rise feel, or leave it up for more coverage. Regardless, though, the stretch Nair fabric used for the waist and leg panels will gently hold your leg muscles without any sensations of being overly compressive or restrictive. The knickers reach down just past the knee, providing ample coverage for cool weather rides. The insert of the knickers is Giordana's new Nimbo-W OF. As part of the OmniForm family, the Nimbo-W was created in response to consumer's requests for more substantial women's-specific padding in a chamois. The uppermost layer of the Nimbo utilizes a soft polyester microfiber... Read More »

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