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Low Cut Cycling Socks, Thirty48, Unisex; Running,Spin Class,Hiking,Gym Training

Low Cut Cycling Socks, Thirty48, Unisex; Running,Spin Class,Hiking,Gym Training

Thirty 48 Cy Cycling Series Socks Going on a bike ride or racing in competition is no easy task, this is why Thirty 48 use the latest technology and the best fabric to make it as comfortable as you can get and will help avoid bruises. With our Cy Cycling Series you will take your bike out more often and have the comfort you deserve. There are 30.48 centimeters in a foot, and for every foot there is Thirty 48. Elastic Arch Support - This minimize Friction And Supports The Plantar Arch Of Your Foot Extra Padding On The Metatarsal Provides Abrasion Protection From Your Shoes Lacing The Rear Heel Tab Helps With Slipping Your Socks On and Off CatalystAFTM - A Patent-Pending Design Which Creates Airflow In The Fabric To Induce Airflow COOLMAX Fabric Is Designed To Move Moisture Away From The Body Keeping You Feeling Cool And Dry Highlights: What's Right is Right - Each foot has its own curves and features. Check the inner cuff for the right sock for the right foot, or left. How big is it? - The back inside cuff denotes size with simple squares. Note chart by heel of the foot below. Like a Convertible - This thin micromesh fabric allows your feet to breathe. Keeping Feet Dry - Wick moisture away from skin to keep those pedal happy feet dry and comfortable. CatalystAF - A patent-pending design which creates airflow in the fabric by creating channles to induce airflow. Elastic Arch Support - This minimize friction and supports the plantar arch of your foot. Materials: 68% Polyprolene, 27% Nylon, 5% Lycra Sizing: Small Men's 4-7 Women's 6-8 Medium Men's 6-9 Women's 7-10 Large Men's 8-11 Women's 9-12 Extra Large Men's 10-14 Women's 11-15 Read More »

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